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[UPDATE] The deadline for applications has been extended until June 4. The results will be postponed to 31 August.

We are pleased to announce the creation of 2017 Itaú Cultural Observatory Program for Research in Cultural Economics, aimed at fostering the production of reflections on the cultural industry, and sharing the resulting experiences and knowledge. With an international reach, the program will award prizes to projects linked to universities or research centers in Brazil and abroad. The purpose is to gather studies on cultural economics in several aspects, such as information systems, indicators, funding, internationalization, job market, demand, and territorial development.

Up to ten projects will be awarded prizes, in two portfolios:

Ongoing Research

Aimed at encouraging research projects (ongoing or to be developed) within the wide field of cultural economics. The award-winning project will receive financial support in the amount of up to 24 thousand reais, divided into up to twelve installments.

Concluded Research

Aimed at promoting research, monographs, dissertations, theses, analyses, and comparative studies, the theme of which is related to the wide field of cultural economics. The research cannot have been published in full by a commercial publisher. If portions thereof have been published (articles or chapters), the judging commission in charge will be responsible for deciding whether a prize should be awarded or not. Each author of the award-winning concluded project will be offered financial support in the amount of 5 thousand, 10 thousand, or 15 thousand reais, proportionally to the time, methodology, and complexity involved in carrying out the research.

Applicants must be graduates or postgraduates (specialization, MBA, master’s, doctor’s or post-doctor’s degree) in the areas of human sciences, applied social sciences or linguistics, letters, and arts. Applicants may submit application only once in each of the portfolios.

Applications are free of charge and may be submitted from March 13 to June 4, 2017, through this FORM.

See the regulations [UPDATED]