On the back of the embroidery

Within four decades of history, Grupo Corpo staged more than thirty-five productions, visited more than fourty countries and involved more than one hundred dancers. In 2015, Itaú Cultural celebrates de 40th anniversary of the dance company with the exhibition Ocupação Grupo Corpo.

The exhibition area assembles fragments of time that exposes, on one hand, the official memory of creative processes and of productions staged, as well as the spontaneous register of rehearsals, trips and free time – done by the dancers, group members, collaborators and friends.

The excellence performance daily sought by the company from Minas Gerais can be confirmed in the professional records composing the exhibition. The amateur photography – which receives equal relevance – is, on the other hand, essential, for they disclosure the group’s human side and its deeper inner nature: the one of affectivity, companionship, informality and playfulness.

The installation integrates and relates informal moments of the company and its work. Life feeds art, mutually and constantly.

The institute extends the experience to the virtual environment. The website itaucultural.org.br/ocupacao brings up more information and audiovisual contents concerning this exhibition and the twenty-six previous editions of Ocupação program.

Itaú Cultural and Grupo Corpo