The career of João Batista Vilanova Artigas (Curitiba, PR, 1915 – São Paulo, SP, 1985) is proof that poetry can also be achieved with concrete, steel, wood and bricks – and that, beyond columns and beams, a building’s structure cannot ignore the humanist aspect. Professor, political militant and cultural institution initiator, Artigas always defended the artistic character and social role of his field, of the profession he helped consolidate in Brazil.

Through Ocupação program, which organizes exhibitions connected to fundamental names in Brazilian art and culture, Itaú Cultural pays tribute to the creator of works such as the School of Architecture and Urbanism building at the University of São Paulo (FAU/USP) and the Morumbi Stadium. Conceived together with his family and with the architect Alvaro Razuk, the exhibition is presented at the institute’s headquarters in São Paulo, and is part of the centenary celebrations of the birth of Artigas.

In addition to this website, the exhibition produced a booklet that further discusses themes related to Artigas. This material can be read in our stand at Issuu.