Daniel Escobar

Porto Alegre (RS)

Ainda Paisagem [série Perto Demais]
[Still a Landscape (Too Close series)], 2008


Artist Daniel Escobar usually uses objects connected with the world of desire and consumption as raw material. In this work, he appropriates the billboard, an urban advertising piece by excellence, and overlaps four layers to build a “painting” by adding to the large-format print a new film with small holes punched one by one with an office puncher. The result of the deconstruction, accumulation and displacement operations (the indoor billboard) is a complex image with a clear metonymical relationship with the city.




photo: Maíra Acayaba

about the author

Graduated in Visual Arts, Daniel researches the landscapes of desire created by consumption and entertainment habits, and adapts ordinary and daily objects and symbols of the urban world. He took part in several expositions in Brazil and abroad, was granted scholarships and outstanding awards, and had an international one-man exhibition at RH Gallery, in New York. His works are distributed in public and private collections, both nationally and internationally.