Thyago Nogueira

Sao Paulo (SP)

EstéreoBrasília, 2010


The photographer, equipped with a 1950s Kodak camera, subverts Brasilia’s recurrent imagery by selecting scenes of what cannot be controlled in the planned city, preferably less known places where the action of improvisation is seen. Apart from that, the vastness of the scenographic landscape so typical of that capital is heightened by the use of the anaglyptic technique (which endows the image with depth when using 3D glasses).




photo: Maíra Acayaba

about the author

Thyago is a photographer and editor of ZUM magazine, from Instituto Moreira Salles, where he is responsible for the contemporary photography section. He wrote four independent photography books: São Francisco, Japão, EstéreoBrasília and Tietê. He was responsible for the curatorship of the exhibitions São Paulo, by Mauro Restiffe, and Brasília, by Jorge Bodanzky. He also co-organized the book Por Trás Daquela Foto (Companhia das Letras) and is a member of the board of Photobook Museum from Cologne (Germany).