Marcelo Zocchio and Mariana Bernd

Sao Paulo (SP)

Qual Ônibus Passa Aqui?
[Which Bus Stops Here?], 2000 and 2013


Greater Sao Paulo is one of the ten most populous metropolitan regions of the world. Despite this, it entered the 21st century without an efficient information system to guide public transportation users. The majority of bus stops has advertising spaces, but no map or any consistent information on the lines, the buses and their itineraries. Refusing to accept such situation, Zocchio stuck on top of the advertisement at the bus stops a poster with the question “Which bus stops here?” and turned this action into a photo-essay. Thirteen years later, new bus stops, new advertisements and no information on the transportation system. In association with Mariana Bernd, he pasted new posters with the old question. The poster is also on the internet for download with the purpose of expanding the question. Photos: Marcos Vilas Boas and Marcelo Zocchio.




photo: André Seiti

photos: Marcelo Zocchio and Marcos Vilas Boas

about the authors

Graduated in industrial design, Mariana is a professor of design and architecture. Among her clients are Trip Editora, Cosac Naify, Cobogó and Sesc. Marcelo is a civil engineer and works with photography, design and carpentry. He integrates collective and solo exhibitions and some of his artwork is part of public and private collections. He wrote two books and received awards for photographic works.