Belo Horizonte (MG)

Cidade Estacionamento [Parking City], 2012

Parking.ttf, 2012


In 2012, the Poro collective from Minas Gerais made a series of Brasilia-themed works. Two of these projects show fragments of the landscape taken from the planned city: a photograph series of empty parking lots, and a set of digital characters (available for download) that were developed based on the boundaries of parking vacancies. This cartography, although unpretentious and far from the iconic city imagery, reminds us that the Pilot Plan design was guided by the logic of road mobility.




photo: André Seiti

Parking City

Character map of Parking.ttf font

about the group

Poro is a working group composed by the artists Brígida Campbell and Marcelo Terça-Nada! Since 2002, it applies urban interventions and ephemeral actions, aiming at bringing to the surface the problems of the cities through poetic and critical occupation of spaces.