Bruna Canepa and Ciro Miguel

Sao Paulo (SP)

Apartamento de 1 Km/Casa Cidade/Casa Fluxos
[Half-Mile Apartment/House City/Flow House], 2014

Starting from the extreme tensioning of scales and functions, this dwelling unit represents the city. In this series of drawings and collage, the meaning ascribed to the city goes beyond its geography. The main role in this scene is played by the symbolic element. In the use of typical and ciphered 2D representations of architecture and urbanism, fiction is stressed by optical distortions deriving from isometric perspective (in which the viewer is placed in the infinite). Owing to heightened individualism, we can think that the house is transformed into the universe of man. In contrast – knowing that, currently, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities – we would have, then, the triumph of urbanization contaminating the individual in his most intimate level.




photo: Maíra Acayaba

House City | photos: André Seiti

Flow House | photos: André Seiti

Half-Mile Apartment | photo: scanning

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about the authors

Bruna and Ciro are young architects, who founded Miniatura studio in 2011. They took part in solo exhibitions at Studio-X Rio (Columbia University), in Rio de Janeiro, and at Galeria Aurora, in São Paulo. Miniatura was selected to attend the 10th Architecture Biennial in São Paulo, and the OfficeUS, at Architecture Biennial in Venice. They often collaborate in architecture publications in Brazil and abroad.