Clara Meliande and Tania Grillo

Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Editora Temporária

[Temporary Publishing House], 2013

Publications about the city, and that use design as the guiding line, were the focus of the Editora Temporária project, a two-month occupation held at the Centro Carioca de Design [Design Center of Rio de Janeiro]. A call for propositions was issued and the publishing committee selected three projects. Photos of anonymous people found in a variety of places around Rio de Janeiro are the subject of the book A125. The Caderno de Observações [Book of Comments] or Coreografias do Cotidiano [Choreographies of Everyday Life], in turn, examine body movements and space interactions of pedestrians in the city center. And Cidade-Andaime: Estruturas Transitórias na Cidade Contemporânea [Scaffold City: Transitory Structures in the Contemporary City] casts scrutiny on its possibilities as a city design by identifying the ubiquity of temporary structures in the urban landscape. Finally, the fourth volume reports the experience of this process.




photos: Maíra Acayaba


Book of Comments or Choreographies of Everyday Life

Scaffold City: Transitory Structures in the Contemporary City

about the authors

Tania graduated in graphic design and has a master in visual language of performance. Interested in visual narratives and in the text as a language and graphic material, she develops projects that explore these elements by different means, inviting others to participate. She works in cultural area and executes projects related to the practice and teaching of design.


Clara graduated in visual communication and earned a master in design, theory and critic. She researches project strategies created for exhibitions and its relations with the specific features of content and space.
She takes part in multidisciplinary collective projects focused on edition, education, curatorship and design criticism.