Gilberto Tomé

Sao Paulo (SP)


[Bookcity], 2014


Memory, landscape and process are in the center of the dialog between graphic design and city in Tomé's project. With a combination of old photographs and today’s texts and images of the Água Preta stream, in the Western region of Sao Paulo, and its surrounding area, Tomé prepares screen-printed and typographic wheat paste posters displayed along the old course of the stream, which now runs through underground pipe networks. Each graphic piece is autonomous and the set of all of them constructs a sequential narrative – requiring, evidently, displacement of the reader-passer-by. After a couple of weeks, the posters are removed from the walls and rearranged in the form of unique books, impregnated with the effects of time and the city itself. During the exhibition, new posters are produced, pasted, removed and transformed into books.




photo: Maíra Acayaba

about the author

Visual artist, Gilberto has graduated in architecture and urban planning. Worked at Oficina das Artes do Livro, directed by the painter Otávio Roth, at Sesc Pompeia’s engraving studio, coordinated by Evandro Carlos Jardim, and at Ateliê Amarelo, together with Maria Bonomi. He took part in the 4a Bienal de Gravura de Santo André and in several other exhibitions. At present, he dedicates himself to book illustration.