Fernanda Martins

Belém (PA)

Letras que Flutuam – Mapeamento dos Abridores de Letras da Amazônia
[Floating Letters – Mapping of the Sign Painters], 2014

Rivers are a part of the landscape in several Brazilian cities. In the towns of Northern Brazil, large rivers serve as subsistence means to local inhabitants and contribute to the construction of local visual culture. Martins displays key characters of this scene: the sign painters in the Amazon, people whose job is to individualize each boat by writing their names on them. The handwriting of these painters, from the formal perspective, matches Victorian typography, which landed here together with the rubber-driven economy of mid-19th century.




about the author

Fernanda has been working as a graphic designer since 1978, acting in visual identity, editorial and institutional typography areas. Graduated in fine arts, she earned her master degree in graphic design and typography, holds specialization in semiotics and visual culture, teaches at the university and works as director of Mapinguari Design studio. She is a member of judgment boards for contests and advisor of the Associação dos Designers Gráficos (ADG) in Brazil. She also wrote Bembo: Quando uma Parceria Dá Certo.