Guilherme Luigi

Recife (PE)

Dingbat Cobogó, 2013


Cobogós are architecture hollow and modular bricks. Based on an iconographic research by Josivan Rodrigues on the cobogós from Pernambuco state, also displayed in this exhibition, Luigi vectorially created 36 symbols in positive and negative versions corresponding to the digital characters of a typographic family. Available for download from the internet free of charge, the dingbats can be used for a variety of purposes – from simple ornament in various media to architecture projects.




photo: André Seiti

about the author

Graphic designer with master in product design, Guilherme focuses on the cultural area. He took part in the 10th biennial of the Associação dos Designers Gráficos (ADG) and participated on the exhibition El Millor Disseny de l’Any, in Barcelona (Spain). At present, he develops a research on the graphic landscape of Pernambuco.