Marina Camargo

Porto Alegre (RS)

Cidade Planejada (Sao Paulo)

[Planned City (Sao Paulo)], 2014


In this video, Marina Camargo slowly removes pieces of a map representing part of Sao Paulo and reshapes a new one by finding another way to join the irregular forms of the city blocks. The urban design of Sao Paulo, lacking any kind of planning, looks so random as the recreated map. Camargo’s work is evidently ironical when she calls this new arrangement of the map, a trial-and-error game, an act of urban planning.




about the author

Marina has both her graduation and master in visual arts and works with photography, drawing, video and other media. The core subject of her production is the representation of the world apart from its origin. She took part in solo and collective exhibitions in Brazil and other countries, and received awards and scholarships to study abroad. Recently, she published the book Como se faz um deserto, based on researches about Brazil’s rough northeast region of the country, the sertão.