Belo Horizonte (MG)

Campanha Não-Eleitoral

[Non-Electoral Campaign], 2012


In the municipal elections of Belo Horizonte in 2012, in view of the candidates’ apathy and lack of ideas, the Piseagrama collective used posters, easels, stickers and t-shirts to advance the political debate by spreading five proposals for the city in the form of hashtags. It was an ironic and provocative counterpoint to the fact that the candidates, instead of proposals, were only giving out their pictures and voting numbers on the streets. Since then, the campaign has spread over several cities and gained visibility, above all since the demonstrations of June 2013 sparked off, when the issues related to urban mobility and quality of life became the focus of political debate.




photo: André Seiti

photos: Piseagrama

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about the group

Piseagrama is an editorial platform dedicated to the investigation of urgent and imaginary existing public spaces. Promotes actions, projects and meetings of public interest, such as the debate Ônibus sem Catraca, the discussion about public transportation Tarifa Zero and the editorial coordination of the book Escavar o Futuro.