Coletivo Garapa

Sao Paulo (SP)

Jornal Morar [To Live Tabloid], 2011

Monumento [Monument], 2011

With 776 apartments of around 320 square feet in area, the São Vito and Mercúrio buildings have been a part of the skyline in Sao Paulo’s agricultural belt for 50 years. Structurally speaking, they witnessed the decline of the region, the removal of their dwellers from 2007 to 2009, and the demolition of buildings in 2010. The Morar tabloid is a fragmented narrative through texts and images of the memories of those buildings and their dwellers. In Monumento there is no fragmentation. Instead, it is the simple spatial displacement of the viewer that tarnishes the spectrum of the imposing concrete-mass image. Graphic design of Morar: Milena Galli; post-production of Monumento: Sergio Castro.




Monument | photo: Maíra Acayaba

Sequence of images showing the fade out of São Vito and Mercúrio buildings

To Live Tabloid

about the group

Founded in 2008 by the journalists and photographers Leo Caobelli, Paulo Fehlauer and Rodrigo Marcondes, Garapa is a space of collective creation, focused on conceiving and producing visual narratives with multiple shapes. Using images and documental language as a hybrid field of action, the collective explores different potentialities in the narrative construction and in production and distribution patterns.