GIA – Grupo de Interferência Ambiental

Salvador (BA)


[Non-Advertising], 2006



This collective from Bahia state, GIA, presented a happening (a performance that incorporates unpredictability and the audience’s participation) in downtown Sao Paulo and questions the basic principle of advertisement – the spreading of an idea, a service or a product. By mimicking traditional human billboards who work in downtown pedestrian streets, GIA members distributed leaflets and held posters. Instead of messages like “I sell” or “I buy gold,” there was nothing written on the yellow props. Inside out, the empty advertisement invited everyone to think.




photo: Maíra Acayaba

Frames of the video by GIA group shot at downtown São Paulo

about the group

Composed by visual artists, designers, art-educators and musicians, the group shares not only the friendship, but also the admiration for contemporary artistic language and its pluralities, particularly in what regards art and public spaces. Their practices are sourced from conceptual art, and their graphic artworks are somehow based on randomness and humor.