Guilherme Maranhão

Sao Paulo (SP)

Pluracidades series, 2014


These images were captured with a digital camera built from obsolete scanners by Maranhão. With its functioning subverted, the movement of the scanner carriage is combined with the displacement created by the photographer himself. The result is a set of weird and kaleidoscopic images. If, on the one hand, the landscape (Paulista Avenue, Moreira Guimarães Avenue and Minhocão) is on the verge of being recognizable, on the other hand it is more than real, for it mimics the serial, chaotic and illegible structure of Sao Paulo.




photo: Maíra Acayaba

about the author

Guilherme has a bachelor degree in photography. He creates images about the cycles of life, its imperfections, noises, interferences and infrequency. His image research seeks changes in the formation process of technical images and subversions of the tools produced.